Furniture Creation

Furniture Creation

When it comes to making furniture, we can say with certainty that we found our love in renovation. The very fact that we will make something new from useless and dilapidated objects makes us extremely happy. 

It is our pleasure to preserve nature, but also tradition, and to awaken our creativity for that purpose. 

We found happiness in rough or rusty metals, iron, copper, wood, glass, sandpaper, paints, varnishes, sprays, screws, nails and hammers, and in other tools.

Many things have passed through our hands, from old tables and cabinets to table lamps, chandeliers, sinks, decorative jars, etc. 

A person always feels great when he does a good deed, and in this way you not only did a good deed but also a service to yourself because you saved money, awakened creativity in yourself, created new value and left your own mark in your home. 

Izuzetna nam je čast i zadovoljstvo svoj rad podijeliti s Vama.
Samim time što boravite u prostoru koji je pun ručno rađenih, obrađenih i prerađenih komada namještaja u našoj maloj proizvodnji, ali i na način kada se pridružite nama u radionici. 

In the basement of our house, which is also the building where the accommodation units are located, there is our cheerful workshop. 

Every day we make and renew various things in it, and if you have the desire, you can always join us. We will do what your area of interest was for our memory of you or your memory of us 

What we like to say is that from us, we are convinced, you will bring the most creative and best souvenir for a long memory, but also a long use! 

We are available for you every day, and for any additional information feel free to contact us.