About Pirovac and it’s surroundings

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We are located in the small town of Priovac, which is located in the deep bay of the Adriatic Sea and Lake Vrana, and belongs to the Šibenik-Knin County

Pirovac is a true Dalmatian destination that can be an ideal oasis of peace for families with children, but also for all others who want to enjoy the benefits of natural, cultural, and other riches

Apart from the fact that Pirovac has an impeccably clean blue sea, due to the position of the place itself, the sea in Pirovac is also 4 degrees warmer than the average.

The climate is mild and suitable for staying at any time of the year with a large number of sunny days and extremely mild winters.

In Pirovac you can enjoy long walks in nature, cycling, sports, and numerous recreational activities, diving, fishing, and getting to know many natural and cultural assets. Be sure to try the gastronomic offer, which, like the rest of Dalmatia is extremely rich and special.

If you want to enjoy the architecture and cultural assets, only 20 kilometers separates you from Sibenik, one of the oldest Croatian native cities that has an extremely rich culture and even 2 UNESCO protected monuments. These are the Fortress of St. Nicholas, a unique Renaissance building, and the Cathedral of St. Jakov, which is one of the most significant and most beautiful architectural achievements in Croatia.

Apart from cultural tourism, Šibenik also offers many music and dance festivals, concerts, and fairs. It also has beautiful city beaches and coves.

Also, a little less than an hour separates us from another city rich in cultural and historical heritage, the city of Zadar, where you can also find the nearest airport, to which and from which we can organize transportation if necessary.

If you prefer nature, only 20 minutes from Pirovac is Vrana Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake in Croatia, which is also one of a total of 12 Croatian nature parks. Do not miss the beautiful bike rides to Vrana Lake and be sure to visit the Kamenjak lookout point from which your view reaches the endless blue, many olive groves, and dry stone walls all the way to the islands of Zadar, Šibenik, and Kornati archipelago. Also, for nature lovers, there are many organized trips from Pirovac to the national parks of Krka and Kornati where you become a part of the beautiful story of life.

In addition, Vodice is only 15 minutes from Pirovac, and offers a lot of fun attractions for young people and all those who feel that way. Night clubs, concerts, amusement parks and a handful of other adventures await you in Vodice.

Do not forget to visit nearby places such as Murter, the small town of Tisno, Tribunj, Biograd na Moru, Pakostane and others.

We are less than an hour away from Pirovac to each of these destinations, and we will take care of a peaceful and pleasant stay so that you can be rested for each of your adventures in Dalmatia.