About Us

About Us

I am Sonja Modun, your hostess, alongside my two sons, Mateo and Toni.

Modun 19 is our home full of love, and we want you to experience it as well. We have been hosting numerous guests since 1998.

Our accommodation units, of which there are 5 in total, have of course been renovated, edited, and supplemented with various new details throughout all these years, thus exuding a blend of tradition and modernity. Each accommodation unit tells its own story, and it's up to you to decide which story you belong to!

We would like to emphasize that almost all the furniture you see in our accommodations is handmade by us. We paint old furniture, sew decorations for the home, repair old lamps, etc. Our goal is to encourage others to express themselves creatively for it may bring new life into the old and decrepit objects, and perhaps save them some money for another vacation.

We enjoy being hosts because throughout these years we have met a handful of good people and gained some new friendships. We are extremely proud when our guests return. It gives us faith that we are doing business well and gives us the strength to progress even more.

We are here to make sure everything is clean, tidy and peaceful so that you "feel at home, away from home". Our wish is that in Modun 19 you feel at home, but also that you forget about everyday worries and completely indulge in your long-awaited vacation.

Why Modun 19?

The name of our accommodation facilities came from the surname of the owner.

Modun is an old Croatian surname from the area of Šibenik, nowadays uncommon because not many people are left with our surname. Our goal is to preserve the tradition and combine it with modernity, therefore we believe that our choice of name is doing it justice.

Number 19, formed from numbers 1 and 9, symbolizes the beginning and the end, that is, in the desire that the starting and ending point of your cruise be one of our accommodation units

We believe that this number is a true symbol of the same. In addition, we consider it, within our family, a number that brings us happiness so it got that honor to complete our name.